Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our program and our website. Click on a link below to view the answer to that question. Links throughout the answers will guide you to next steps on our website. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us at 1300 051 856

What is Hertz Rent2Buy®?

It is an innovative program launched by Hertz Rent2Buy with the purpose of selling high-quality, active rental cars online at very competitive prices. Hertz Rent2Buy® provides customers with the opportunity to test the vehicle for 3 full days by renting it at a low special rate, which will be waived if the car is purchased.

Hertz Rent2Buy® is not a "Rent to Own" program.

Hertz Rent2Buy places the focus on making the used car buying experience simpler. We have eliminated the middleman so you are protected from the haggle process. By reducing these costs, Hertz Rent2Buy has been able to transfer savings to the customer and offer high-quality, well-equipped used cars at great prices. Furthermore, Hertz believes that peace of mind should come at no extra cost. That's why every car sold through Hertz Rent2Buy to retail customers is backed with a 90-day/5000 km comprehensive limited warranty.

Wide variety of high quality used cars

Vehicles which have between 30,000 and 75,000 kms and are generally still under Original Factory Warranty

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What are the steps in the Buying Process?

Hertz Rent2Buy® streamlined the buying process and took the hassle out of buying a used car, plus added peace of mind to the formula.

Reserve your car online for a 3-day Test-Rental, at a special daily rate of $66.
You'll receive an email confirming your rental and providing the exact pick-up address.
An agent from the Hertz Rent2Buy team will contact you to inform the car is ready.
Pick up your car at the designated Hertz location and don't just take it for a test-drive around the block, instead kick the tyres and feel the ownership for 3 full days.
If you decide to purchase the car, you can advise the sales team and thet will explain the sales process .
You can also contact us at 1300 051 856 at any time with any questions you may have.
If you decide not to purchase the car, there are no strings attached, simply return it to Hertz and pay for the rental charges.

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How do I start my search?

Searching for a car on Hertz Rent2Buy® is easy. On the Home page and you can search by State, Make or model. Each tab will open a search section that represents the criteria you have chosen to look for in a car. Our website automatically recognizes your geographic location; however, sometimes internet service provider networks may provide inaccurate location results. If your location is wrong, please change it in the upper right hand corner of the page to get search results that are local and relevant to you.

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Are the kilometres of the car displayed exact?

Information on the site is constantly being updated. The kilometres listed is the most recent update since the last rental. However, if a vehicle is out on rental the kilometres posted is the latest kilometres recorded at the time of the prior return.

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Do you offer financing?

Hertz does not offer finance.

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Can I see the car prior to making a reservation?

Since these are active rental vehicles, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the car will be available for you to check prior to making a reservation. Placing a reservation ensures that the car will be pulled from the fleet, prepared and made available for you. The reservation is an appointment you set to check the vehicle you are interested in. Upon arrival at the location please proceed to reception and identify yourself as a Hertz Rent2Buy customer. The Sales Representative will walk you to your vehicle. Please check out the car before you sign the rental agreement. If the vehicle does not meet your expectations, there is no need to open the rental agreement.

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What extra fees will I have to pay if I decide to purchase the car?

The price advertised is drive away including government charges and there are no extra fees to pay

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What do I do if I want to buy the car?

You can contact your Sales Representative at any time at 1300 051 856 to finalise the purchase.

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How can I reach you if I need more information?

You can contact us at 1300 051 856 at any step in the process.

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How can I find out the location's exact address?

The exact address for the Hertz location will appear on your reservation confirmation e-mail.

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Do you offer a warranty on the vehicle once purchased?

Hertz believes that peace of mind should come at no extra cost. That's why every car sold through Hertz Rent2Buy to retail customers is backed with a 90 day/ 5000 km limited warranty at no additional cost.

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Can I get a copy of the vehicle maintenance records?

Hertz is currently not providing maintenance records. We encourage our customers to bring the vehicle to their mechanic of trust to validate the quality of our vehicles and service technicians.

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Can I use my credit or debit card to purchase the vehicle?

No, you can't use a credit or debit card to purchase the vehicle.

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How do I cancel my reservation?

Please contact us on 1300 051 856 to cancel your reservation. To help us provide our customers with the best service possible, we appreciate it if you would describe the reason for your cancellation.

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Does Hertz accept trade-ins?

Hertz does not accept trade-ins.

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Are the prices of cars displayed on the website subject to change?

Prices of all cars displayed on the website are valid at the time of listing. Prices are subject to change, based upon current market conditions. These changes will not affect you if you have placed a reservation or are test-renting a car at the time the price change occurs.

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Can I use my Debit Card or Bank Card to reserve a Hertz car?

At most Hertz locations, debit cards (sometimes called check cards) issued under a VISA or Mastercard logo which draw funds directly from the cardholder's account may be used to qualify for rental. However, prepaid or stored value cards which have a VISA or Mastercard logo are not accepted to qualify for rental. Debit cards must have available funds for the estimated amount of the rental charges plus up to $140 to cover any incidental charges in order to secure the rental. Both debit cards and prepaid or stored value cards issued under a VISA or Mastercard logo may be used as a form of payment when you return the vehicle.check this

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When can I reach Hertz Rent2Buy Customer Support Center by Phone?

You can reach Hertz Rent2Buy Customer Support Center from Monday thru Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm EST - 1300 051 856